Dongil Gallery is a cultural shelter for local residents, presenting an insight into the beautiful tradition and vision of future. It is the type I private gallery registered with Jeollabukdo Provincial government.
Regular closure: Every Monday, January 1, Lunar New Year, Chuseok day
Artwork commentary information : Am(10:00, 11:00), Pm(02:00, 03:00)
Individual(adults and university students) : \2,000
Adolescents(middle/high school students & children(elementary school students/preschoolers) : \1,000

50% discount
Those carrying the senior discount card or disability welfare card, Person of national merit (for the only person)

20% discount
Group: more than 20 persons

Free of charge
Regular member(annual fee member), 1 guardian of disabled person
Do you know the compendium? - Writing the four characters idioms

Making the rubbed copies of the collections held by Dongi Gallery(folk paintings, Park Soo-geun, Chusa Kim Jeong-hee)

Faces reflecting the mind - Drawing the portraits

Grant my wishes - Decorating the fan with flower bird painting

Get the happiness! - Making my mug cup
You can use it conveniently when you make reservation by phone.
Inquiry & reservation +82-063-283-8887
Homepage : www.dongyimuseum.com

Permanent exhibition
Exhibition titled "Ancient Fine Art Story in Paintings"
Exhibition of the works of Seokpa Lee Ha-eung, Chunam Lee Gang, Gahye Lee Bang-ja, Eo-bo, Byeong-pul, Dusan Jeong Sul-won, Chusa Kim Jeong-hee, porcelains made during Joseon Dynasty and ancient furniture

Permanent exhibition
Exhibition titled "Ancient Potteries Filled with Affection"
Exhibition of various earthenware and potteries, including the water pot, long water pot, salted seafood jar, Eogri pottery, Tugari, cockle jar, seed jar, earthenware boiling pot, earthenware chamber pot
Special exhibition
Exhibition titled, "Flowers and Birds Meeting in Paintings"
Exhibition of about 100 pieces of collections held by Dongi Gallery, including the paintings, folding screens, handicraft, clothes, Western paintings, etc, which are themed around flowers and birds

Themed exhibition
Woldam Gwon Yeong-do - "Art life' exhibition slated for July 5(Sat) to August 31(Sun)
'Nostalgic Mt. Geumgang' exhibition slated for September 2(Tues) to November 2(Sun)
Women's life - 'Embroidery' exhibition slated for November 4(Tues) to December 31(Wed)

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