With delicate and elaborate services, we will help make precious memories for you and ensure the best satisfaction for you who make new start.
Saturday : 12:00 / 15:00 / 18:00

Sunday : 11:00 / 14:00 / 17:00

*Up to 3 wedding ceremonies per day, processing only 1 event at the same time slo
Providing 1 room free of charge for 1 day, and offering 50% discount for additional use of room

Presentation and opening of lobby video, video message, DVD production and offering

Free use of wedding hall, provision of wedding outfit

Various special effects
(presentation of fog, champagne shower, beam projector, etc)
We have a banquet hall with 600 seats and accept reservation from only 1 team in the same time slot. The banquet reception has the leisurely and comfortable atmosphere.

Ample parking space for about 400 cars

You can experience various food prepared by the best chefs that LEWIN Hotel takes pride in.

Total Wedding Shop allows free selection.
*Ceremonial dress, makeup, photos(including the negative, snap, studio photos)
Inquiry & reservation
\200,000 / The Suite Ondol Room is decorated and used as Pyebaek room on the wedding day
Based on 1 person (the basis price for more than 300 persons, tax, service charge are included)

Hanjeongsik(Korean Table d'hote)
Neobiani, a royal cousine : \35,000 / \39,000
Korea, Western table d'hote : \33,000
Wedding Western table d'hote : \32,000 / \36,000 / \42,000
The wedding division of LEWIN hotel offers the wedding beverage/liquors at inexpensive prices to sincerely thank our customers for their steadfast support, and broaden the choice for soon-to-be husband and wife.
Option 1 Beer(\3,000), beverage(\1,500), soju(Korean distilled spirits/\3,000) - Calculation based on actual quantities consumed.
Option 2 Uniform application of KRW 1,000 for 1 wedding customer. (The option 2 uniformly applies KRW 1,000 for 1 person, regardless of the
consumption of beverage and liquors. However, it applies only when the reservation covers more than 300 persons.)
We offer 10% discount of food and beverage, and provide complimentary beer soju (\4,000 -> \3,000) / beverage (\3,500 -> \1,500) / 2-story cake (\80,000) and 1 bottle of champagne (\36,000).

ABOUT HOTEL LEWIN CUSTOMER CENTER LOCATION TEL : +82-63-232-7000 / FAX : +82-63-232-7100